Sunday, 28 June 2009

Dogs and Cows ~ Is it Safe to Walk Through Fields of Cows With Your Dog?

Is it safe to walk your dog through fields of cows?

Recently there have been some dreadful reports in the news about dog walkers being attacked by cows.
One incident was of a vet walking her dog, and was trampled to death by a herd of cows.

The key thing to look for is : Are there CALVES in the field? If so, do NOT walk your dog through the field.
Personally, I avoid any fields that have cows. I NEVER go in with my dogs if there are calves present.
It is possible that the cows are out of sight, so I always look for signs like cowpats and hoof prints, or ask anybody that I see.
A cow can weigh upto 1 ton - that's a big animal, and so can inflict a lot of damage.

Farming Toda
y, early morning on Radio 4, have recently discussed the problem, and have given some excellent advice.

KEEP YOUR DOG ON A LEAD AT ALL TIMES - do not let dogs run loose where there are cows present.

If you are approached by cows:
  • DO NOT SHOUT OR SCREAM - this will make things a lot worse
Cows initally are inquisitive , so stay calm if they approach you and quietly and calmly make your escape.
Once they have smelt you and your dog they will realise that you are strangers and so a potential threat to their calves. Stay quiet and calm.

What if you are surrounded by cows or hemmed in at a field boundary?
STAND STILL and let them sniff you. They will go away, but it can take time (up to 30 minutes!)

The key things are : Don't run, don't scream or shout. Keep calm. Keep your dog on a lead.

If there is bull in the field there is a legal requirement for a notice "BULL IN FIELD". Never go in!

Rams can also be a problem - avoid.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Credit Crunch Dogs - Vet Bills Go Up, So Does Dog Food!

The Credit Crunch hits everyone - including our pets!

My vet bills keep going up. This is largely due to the constant price increases of medication for my old girl - now costing about £150 each month! (But she is worth every penny, of course).

The price of dog food keeps going up as well.

So what can we do? The obvious answer is "shop around"!

That is what I did for dog food.

I was buying a 15Kg bag of Arden Grange Lamb & Rice. At a large national chain of petstores I was paying around £35. At my small local pet shop I am now paying £25.50! I use a bag every 3 weeks, so a useful saving.

The same was true for Winalot Shapes (small dog biscuits). My local pet shop is nearly half the price of the nationwide store!

You could make your own dog treats (and know excactly what has gone into them!).

For some FREE no obligation recipes you can download them from this site: (It is safe site and no personal information is collected.)

What about Vet Bills?

You could compare charges of the vets in your area. (ask other pet owners). But you do need to consider travel costs, and the vet's reputation.

It is possible to buy dog medication online.

Choose a good supplier like VetUK. (I have used them - it was set up by a vet so they do know their stuff). There are others of course.

Non-prescription medication & treatments, e.g. joint supplements, wormers, flea treatments, will probably be cheaper online.

Prescription medicines (marked POM) can be purchased online BUT you must have a prescription from your vet. This used to be free, but vets are now allowed to charge up to £15 for this 'service'. Ask your vet what they charge and check online prices. You could still save money.

If anyone has any good ideas please leave a comment. Thanks.

On a sadder and more serious note, many pet owners are abandoning their animals.
Some act responsibly and find a new owner, or find a place at a rescue centre.
But there are a lot who are just dumped on the streets.
Rescue centres do their best, but are being overwhelmed with unwanted animals.