Saturday, 1 November 2008

Dogs and Fireworks - One of our dogs shook with fear.

More on dogs and fireworks. See my post of Sunday October 5th on the subject.

There were fireworks going off very close to our house last night. Olive was fine, but poor Boris was terrified. He curled up in his bed and SHOOK with fear.
I gave him Bach Rescue Remedy, which helped him. He stopped shaking and his heart thumped less. We also had the TV on quite loud to drown out the noise.
He refused to eat until very late (well after the fireworks had finished).

You can help your dog with Firework phobia and other loud noise fears.
This can be done with desensitisation and management methods.
  • Desensitisation. CDs are available which help to deal with the your dog's fears. You can buy them from suppliers like They are available for fireworks, thunder, and gunshots. The CDs come with instructions - it is a gradual method of increasing noise level. It is important that your dog doesn't show signs of fear during use.
  • DAP -dog appeasment pheromone. This is a plug-in diffuser - it has a calming effect.
  • Make a safe place for your dog
  • Close windows doors, curtains. Play music.
  • Do NOT reward your dog - No treats, reassurance, or petting! You ignore the noises, as if it were nothing.
  • Distraction. Play with your dog. It can also help if there is a non-fearful companion animal with them.
  • I find that Bach Rescue Remedy helps
  • Other Herbal Remedies like Valerian (liquid or tablets) and Skullcap can help. Consult your vet if your dog is on medication.

Good luck!

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