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Dog Fighting ~ An Evil Bloodsport which is still going on.

Dog Fighting
A very nasty bloodsport which needs stamping out.

A couple of days ago I heard a disturbing report on the radio about dog-fighting.

Quote from the BBC News (30th July 09) : "Inside the world of dog-fighting"
"It was the sound of dogs barking and whimpering that first attracted PC Paul Foster to the back of an old kitchen showroom in inner city Birmingham."

To read the article use this link:
You may see some unpleasant images.

About 3 years ago a big dog fighting ring in Leicester waas broken up. I think that 40 people were arrested.
I know that some dogs were handed in to rescues as being "found". Considering the types of dog, and the circumstances in which they were handed over, I think it is fair to say that they came from dog fighters.

I've met a few people whom I believe were involved in dog-fighting. They are unpleasant characters and you are well-advised to stay away from them.
Once when I was driving to the rescue where I worked, I was followed by an unmarked van with 2 men whom I suspected of being involved. I didn't dare go to the rescue until I had lost them.

A few years ago I sold second-hand books on a stall. A man approached me and spoke quietly out of the corner of his mouth "Got anythin' on dog fighting, mate". My polite answer was "Sorry, no". I am not going to divulge what action I took or where it was.

If you have suspicions, do NOT confront them - report them to the RSPCA or police. Do not have anything to do with the people involved. Stay well away from them.

Dogs used for fighting are often staffie types (staffordshire bull terriers). You will see suspicious scars on their bodies. The dogs often kill each other.

Large sums of money (thousands of pounds) change hands on the outcome of the dog fight.

These people are unscrupulous. Innocent little dogs are thrown into fighting dogs - to be torn to pieces. This is to give the dogs a "taste of blood".

Please be vigilant and report your suspicions. Don't discuss them with other people.

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Awwww! That one is very cruel! Thanks for the awareness. I hope that these dogs will not experience the same cruelty. Save A Dog: