Monday, 9 November 2009

Bonfire Night ~ Great fireworks, BUT my greyhound was terrified! Bach Rescue Remedy came to the rescue!

Halloween has gone, and so has Guy Fawkes Night (Bonfire night). There should be a rest from fireworks for a while, at least until Xmas and New Year!
We love firework displays, but we no longer go to the public displays as we feel it is better to stay at home with our dogs.

There are usually some fireworks going off in our village, but on Bonfire night a near neighbour had a big display. It was great to watch from an upper window, but the explosions echoed loudly around our house.
Olive, our female greyhound, was her usual calm self, but poor Boris, our male greyhound, was terrified. He lay curled up tightly in his bed and was licking his lips. His poor heart was racing and thumping loudly. At one point he got up and leaned right against my legs - I could feel his heart pounding right through them.

I turned the TV up loud and gave him some Bach Rescue Remedy. Just a few drops onto his tongue helped to calm him. He was still very frightened, but his heart beat slowed and the frantic pounding ceased.

I've used Bach Rescue Remedy for many years on lots of dogs, and I am always amazed at how effective it can be in treating shock and stress. (We used it regularly at the animal shelter where I worked). A bottle of this lasts for ages and should be part of every dog owner's medicine cabinet. (It also works for humans too!)

The poor dog needed to go to the toilet, but was too afraid to go outside. He held himself until the fireworks ended, and then would only go outside with me. (I would have gone out with him anyway, just in case he panicked). He rushed and didn't empty himself properly. I know this because he got me out of bed at 3a.m!
In fact, during the entire firework period, he got me out of bed every night in the early hours, not that I minded, of course.

Dogs have much more sensitive hearing than us, and are more aware of what is going on around them.
We took him out for a late afternoon walk (it was still daylight) and he was eager to go, but wanted to come back very soon. He even refused to go on one of his favourite routes. Later, we could see fireworks going off in that direction!
I sometimes think that dogs are psychic (see my recent post on this subject of  Fri Nov 6th )

Also see my recent post about firework phobia in dogs and what you can do about it Wed Oct 29th

Dog appeasement pheronome (DAP) can be helpful.
Sound therapy can also be very helpful



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Anonymous said...

I agree about Bach Rescue Remedy. I have used it on my dogs too.