Sunday, 8 March 2009

Crufts Is Still In Disgrace!

Today (Sunday 8th march) is the last day of Crufts 2009 and Crufts is still in disgrace!

I didn't go to Crufts this year.

Do you remember the BBC documentary "Pedigree Dogs Exposed" directed by Jemima Harrison? (See my archive 26/8/08 and 29/10/08)
It revealed the health problems caused by the inbreeding of pedigree dogs.

There was an uproar about it. And quite right too! How can a pekingese who couldn't breathe properly win Best In Show?

Since the showing of Pedigree Dogs Exposed on BBC1 there has been outrage, protests, loss of sponsorship and withdrawals of support.
  • Pedigree Foods withdrew their sponsorship of Crufts
  • The BBC are not broadcasting the Show
  • Dog's Trust (a major dog welfare charity) have withdrawn their support
  • The PDSA (People's Dispensary for Sick Animals) have withdrawn
  • The RSPCA have withdrawn their support

I believe that other organisations have also withdrawn.

I had a look at the Trade Stands list on the Crufts 2009 website. Some names that I have seen at previous shows were not in the list.

Crufts have had a shock and I hope that they sit up and take notice and ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING POSITIVE!!!

Jemima Harrison was not allowed to film at Crufts this year. However she has gone as a paying visitor and reports that nothing has changed. A Sunday Times headline of March 8th says : "Nothing’s breedin’ changed at Crufts, mate"

Protesters have planned to be at Crufts this year.

Let us hope that something good comes out of all this for the sake of the dogs.

Crufts could change and become a showcase of all that is good in the dog world.

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