Sunday, 15 March 2009

DOG TREAT RECIPES ~ Healthy & Tasty Recipes for Free

I've created a site that has some very good dog treat recipes. They are free for you to use. Just copy and paste into Word.

There is an appeal on the site - Olive, our old dog, is now costing us over £200 a month for medication. We are struggling to pay the bills.

What I'm hoping is that, in return for the recipes, you will make a VOLUNTARY donation towards Olive's medical fund. There is a 'Donate' button which takes you to Paypal secure payments.

I feel unsure and a bit ashamed about doing this and still feel that I am begging. But you are getting something worth having. I could create a booklet and try to sell it cheaply on eBay, but the fees would eat-up the money! So I thought that I would give this open and honest appeal a try.

There are no catches and nothing to sign up to. The dog treat recipes are free and without obligation. So go and get them! But please do consider the appeal.

The cost of dog medication has gone up several times in the last year.

Just go to this site :

Thank you.

PS. The website I created was free for me to create. The hosting is also free!

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