Sunday, 23 March 2008

Happy Easter ... Blizzards and Chocolate For Dogs and Me

Happy Easter!!

A nice covering of snow this morning. So a day to pig out on the creme eggs!

My lass took one look and decided the couch was the best place to be. She is arthritic and had a good walk yesterday. Anyway Boris thoroughly enjoyed it. There is a secure enclosed field that I can let him have a good blast around. Greyhound circuits galore!

We gamely battled against a bitter wind that cut through you like a knife. Add in the driving snow and it was like the middle of winter. Spring???

Back home to a warm drink and chocolate.

The dogs had their Easter treats too. But NOT human chocolate. This is very bad for dogs. I believe it can kill in extreme cases. If your dog gets to eat a lot of human chocolate , it would be a good idea to see your vet. I think that it damages the liver.

You can easily buy special dog chocolate at your local pet shop. It comes in all sorts of shapes and combinations.

It is safe for children. I tried some dog chocolate once. The first taste was well... OK. After that it was downhill! Dogs love it. Me - I'll keep to human chocolate!

See you again soon, Ti

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