Wednesday, 5 March 2008

If Your Dog Is Not Eating It Could Be Serious!

Hello, I added a post to my dog blog on Tuesday 26 Feb about dogs not eating.

I've just realised I should have added a comment about the possible serious problems that can happen.

If your dog isn't eating it may be due to an internal blockage.

This may be due to having swallowed something like a toy or a piece of bone. This is something to be aware of if your dog is a chewer or a scavenger.

Another serious possiblility is an internal growth.

If your dog continues to refuse food or seems lethargic go to your vet straight away.

You will also need to go if your dog keeps being sick or is in discomfort.

Of course it may just be a temporary tummy upset which will sort itself out.

Bye for now , Ti

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