Sunday, 16 March 2008

Well The Show's over For Another Year ... Crufts Dog Show That Is!

Hi, Sorry that I've been absent for a while. Both my wife and myself had a really bad tummy bug. (There's a lot been going around!). I didn't have the energy to do other than what was necessary. We even missed out on going to Crufts!!!
I did get to watch it on TV and managed to lose myself in the doggy world for a while.
It was useful being able to go through the red button to get the extra stuff on freeview.

Two things always stand out for me at Crufts dog show.
The first and most important is the dedication and love that people from all walks of life have for dogs. It gives me hope for the human race!
Secondly, you get to meet all sorts of dogs that you don't meet every day. It's a real eye opener. The range of sizes, shapes, coats, abilities, etc is amazing.

I thought that the 'Friends For Life' feature was fantastic. That little girl with cerebral palsey touched my heart. She has a true friend in her dog.

Mary Rae was as brilliant as ever with her exhibition of heel work with dogs. Its good to see so many people getting involved.

I thought that the Best in Show deserved to win. (I still hope that a greyhound is going to win again one day!)

So I hope that you all enjoyed the show,either on the telly or by being there. If you haven't been it's well worth the effort. There is so much to see. And ,as I said, the love of dogs really shines through.

Speak to you again soon, Ti

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