Saturday, 4 October 2008

Most Popular Dog Names - Top 10 Favouites in UK , and in America

Choosing a name for a dog

This is great fun but can cause endless arguments! Everyone has their personal favourites and likes and dislikes.

A good approach is to think about your dog and its characteristics.

Here is an example. We had a very active young border collie who was constantly turning round to examine new things. 'Spin' was the name we decided on. It suited him and was ideal for a border collie.

Also consider what it will be like to call the name out loud!

If you want use the name of a friend or family member it is a good idea to ask them first - they just might object!

Top Ten Most Popular Dog Names In UK

1. Molly 2. Max 3. Charlie 4. Holly 5. Poppy

6. Ben 7. Alfie 8. Jack 9. Sam 10. Barney

American Favourite Dog Names (from the American Kennel Club)


1. Lady 2. Belle 3. Princess 4. May 5. Rose

6. Daisy 7. Grace 8. Baby 9. Molly 10. Maggie


1. Bear 2. Blue 3. Max 4. Duke 5. Buddy

6. Jack 7. Prince 8. King 9. Bailey 10. Rocky

Good luck with choosing a name for your dog!

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