Friday, 3 October 2008

My Dog Woke Me At 2.30 in the Morning! I Got Up and Here's The Reason Why...

Do Your Dogs Get You Up in the Night?... Mine Do!

So, you are wandering around some surreal Alice in Wonderland landscape, or even having a very pleasant dream! Then something starts to break through! You eventually surface and finally realise it's one of your dogs urgently crying. It is also some unearthly hour of the morning.
Do you ignore it or go back to sleep?
I always get up. My lass is old and it might be serious.

I've got two rescue greyhounds, Boris 6 year old male dog, and Olive 12+ year old female dog.
They stand at the bottom of the stairs and cry with increasing urgency, until I come down.
These are the various reasons why one or both dogs drag me out of bed!

Olive :
  • I need to go out.
  • I know I got you up not long ago, but I need to go out again!
  • I want a biscuit
  • I need my ears rubbed
  • Can you see me back onto the couch and give me a fuss
  • I'm a poor old girl

Boris :

  • I need to go out
  • I want a fuss
  • Can you make my bed comfortable
  • There's something in the garden
  • I need reassurance

Both Dogs :

  • We want to go out
  • There's something in the garden and we have to gallantly defend our family, our house, and our territory!

Should We Get Up or Ignore Dogs?

Once you start you can have an increasing problem. So ignoring may be the better option.

Giving a biscuit (as I do!) is rewarding unwanted behaviour.

But Olive is an old dog and I don't know how much longer we will have her. 12 years is average for a greyhound, and she's on a lot of medication now. She also drinks quite a bit and so needs to go out more frequently.

She's a very gentle old lady and we love her to bits. She gets what she wants now!

As far as Boris is concerned, its impossible to ignore him when he starts calling!

They are both very clean dogs and would hold themselves as long as they could. They would both be upset if they messed in the house. It isn't kind or fair to not let them out if they need to go out.

You just have to exercise judgement and be careful that you aren't creating a problem!

And then try to get back to sleep!

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