Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass - Why Does My Dog Eat Grass

While I was out walking my dogs Olive, my female greyhound, stopped to eat grass. She is very selective and usually seeks out goose grass - a very coarse grass with sticky seed cases. ( Not much of that about at this time of year, so she ate flat coarse grass)
I'm wondering if it helps clear her insides.
Wild geese eat very coarse grass before migrating. This is to clear themselves of any worms that they may have. (Research shows that geese have no or few worms after migration flights).
My girl doesn't have worms, so it may be some other reason.

So why do dogs eat grass?

Most dogs eat grass, and there are several possible reasons :

  • Your dog may be feeling unwell.
  • There may be something missing from their regular diet.
  • Grass may be a normal part of their diet. Wild carnivorous animals eat the intestines of their prey, and so ingest any grass and plant material that is present. Dogs are carnivores.
  • They might just like it! Some dogs search for particular types of grass. (That's what my girl does; in her case, goose grass)
  • Dogs are scavengers. If you are hungry you have to eat!

Do dogs eat grass because they have upset stomachs, or do their stomachs get upset because they have eaten grass?

Maybe there's something in grass that makes them throw up.The stomach will respond to what dogs eat.

Healthy dogs can eat grass without being sick. They usually chew it well first.

Dogs who are unwell don't chew grass carefully. They just swallow it. This may make them sick, and so clears their stomachs. If a dog finds that something works, it will do it again!

Be Careful What Grass Your Dog Is Eating

The grass may have been treated with chemicals. It usually states on the label if they are dangerous to pets. Keep dogs away from treated grass. The chemicals will usually break down fairly quickly, but they can be dangerous if your dog eats them while they're fresh.

On a final note, if your dog often eats grass to be sick there may be something wrong - so see your vet.

If your dog is in good health and regularly eats grass, then try adding some roughage like bran to the food bowl. (A couple of teaspoons will do).

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