Monday, 25 August 2008

Lost, Stolen or Strayed Update. Useful Internet Links for Lost Dogs

Just an update to my last blog entry on lost dogs. (Monday 18th August)

I forgot to add the power of the internet in trying to find your lost dog!

Useful links in no special order :

There are others of course. Just enter 'lost dogs' into you search engine and take your pick.

Finally, a true story on the usefulness of microchipping your dog.

A stray Jack Russell terrier was brought into the rescue by the local dog warden.

We scanned it and found a microchip. Fortunately, the owners registered details were up-to-date (very important!) and we were able to reunite the dog with the joyful owners.

The little dog had been stolen from the Bristol area the day before and ended up in the East Midlands!

There are 3 lessons to learn from this :

  1. Have your dog chipped
  2. Keep your details up to date
  3. Search nationwide for your lost dog - not just locally. A stolen dog can be moved a long way in a few hours. This is where the internet can be of great help. You can register with a lost dog site and upload details of your dog plus a photograph.

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