Monday, 25 August 2008

That's a Fine mess You've Got Into - Dog Mess That Is! Clean Up Your Act & Scoop The Poop!

Dog mess is unpleasant to step in and nobody wants their young children getting it on themselves.

It doesn't take many irresponsible dog owners to create a noticeable problem and we all get the blame for it.

Local Councils are taking strong measures to deal with the problem of dog faeces :
  • Big fines for dog owners
  • Banning dogs from certain areas like playing fields and children's play areas
  • Insisting that dogs are kept on lead in all public places. This includes fields with a public footpath running through it.
  • Threats of CCTV surveillance

All we have to do is take a supply of bags with us and clean up as we go.

I buy purpose made bags at a local petshop. They are cheap. You can use carrier bags, but be careful of the holes!

I have found it useful to buy 2 types of bag, one is longer than the other and a bit more expensive. The bigger bag is useful for a large output, or if it is sloppy, or in long grass.

I don't use any special tools. All I do is turn the bag inside out, put my hand in it, pick up the mess, pull the handles back over and tie off. Then drop it into the nearest bin. You can legally do this if the bag is securely tied. EASY! No problem. Everyone is happy.

Notice how the black bag comes further up my arm - better for bigger problems!I've picked up the mess at this point

Bag tied off and ready for disposal.

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