Saturday, 2 August 2008

We Took the Dogs on Holiday to the Lake District - Our Greyhounds Loved It.

We've recently got back from a great holiday in the Lake District just south of Coniston. The weather was fantastic. It was warm enough to have a swim in the sea! There were very few visitors where we were staying. Our two greyhounds loved it.

The dogs love the car (an estate) and are really good travellers. In fact, greyhounds are good travellers.

We stayed in a cottage on a farm. You can walk straight out onto the fell. Dogs are very welcome.

A lot of the local pubs are dog friendly. We were able to have the dogs with us while we had a meal, as long as no other diner minded them being there. Good local food and beer.
One pub we went to was The Greyhound Inn near Broughton-in-Furness. Dogs welcome (subject to the approval of the resident dogs!). They have a Pharaoh Hound. I can highly recommend this pub. More details at

This is Olive our greyhound girl (12 years old) refusing to leave the beach!

There was a strong wind blowing the sand so we had to watch the dogs eyes. If this happen gentle bathing with clean warm water or salt water (a teaspoon per 500ml) will usually clean the eyes.

She also enjoyed the sea! (which was good for her paws - another corn has appeared.)

Olive doesn't do much uphill work now. She has arthritis. So when we went up on the fell we were able to leave her behind in the cottage. Now that is dog friendly accomodation!

Boris, our 6 year old greyhound dog, loves the fell. So did our old boy Spot. We put some of his ashes upon the fellside.

To make for easier walking I use a long lead rein instead of the usual clip lead. It only cost me £2.50. By putting a knot in the end of the rope you have a good hold. We don't let the dogs off lead on the fell because of the sheep that roam free.

The fells are covered with tall bracken at this time of year (July/August). Tick country. So I had to remove a few from Boris. We also had to check ourselves as well as the dogs. This particular place isn't too bad (Woodland Fell), but a couple of miles away we've had a big problem with ticks.

There is normally a visible path through that lot!

Anyway a good time was had by all!

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