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Taking Your Dog On Holiday - Pet Passports, Dog Ticks, Dogs In Cars, Pet Friendly Accomodation

Continuing on the holiday theme!

There can be quite a few potential problems when taking your dog on holiday.
- Are you going abroad with your dog?
- Do I need to worry about dog ticks and Lyme's Disease?
- Is your dog car sick or travel sick?
- Where to stay with your pet dog?
- What if my dog falls ill?
- What to do if you have to leave your dog in the car.

Going Abroad with Your Dog - Pet Passports

You will need to plan ahead and allow plenty of time to organise the paperwork, vaccinations, microchip, and rabies blood tests. You also have to arrange to see a vet before you return home.

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- the DEFRA site :

- the British Veterinary Association (BVA) :

Ticks On Dogs and Lyme's Disease

Ticks have to be remove completely and carefully as soon as possible. The bite must then be very thoroughly cleaned.

Lyme's Disease is curable if caught early. If you suspect any problems get help at once - don't wait until you get home.

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Is Your Dog Travel Sick?

- Your vet can prescribe drugs, but they can make your dog very drowsy for much longer than the journey time.

- Get a car sick dog used to the car. Feed it in the back of your vehicle while it is stationary - the dog then associates it with something nice! Take your dog on increasingly longer trips ( stop before it gets sick!)

- Ginger settles the stomach. A ginger biscuit given before the start can be beneficial.

- Take plenty of breaks. Give your dog a short walk.

- Make sure the dog is comfortable (my greyhounds have their quilts to lie on)

- Ensure plenty of ventilation through the vehicle

- Only give a very light meal before departure - or possibly starve.

- Important. If travelling by air speak to your vet and the airline. This is also a good idea if taking a long sea crossing.

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Where to Stay with Your Dog

Pet friendly accomodation is so important.

- Look out for 'Pets Welcome' or 'Dogs welcome' signs and descriptions.

- There is usually a dog symbol in holiday guides

- Speak to your friends and colleagues

- Ask the locals if your stuck, including the local Tourist Board.

- Always check with the owner that they will accept your dogs

Finding somewhere to eat can be problem.

- Again ask the locals

- Don't be afraid to walk into a pub and ask if dogs are allowed. You can almost always sit outside with them at tables.

What if my dog falls ill on holiday?

- Look on the internet or yellow pages for vets in the area where you are going BEFORE leaving home.

- If your dog is on medication make sure that you have enough.

- Take your vet's phone number in case they need to be consulted.

- Make sure your pet insurance is valid and take the certificate or policy details with you

- Take a doggy first aid kit. You can buy these.

- I suggest that you have the following items: a) claw clippers, b) tick remover c) muzzle (if your dog needs one for vet type things) d) salt to make solution for bathing cuts etc. e) wound powder for small cuts etc. f) blunt ended scissors g) micropore tape h) cotton wool i) kitchen towel j) tweezers

Dogs In Cars

A potentially serious problem! AVOID doing it.

Obviously try to avoid leaving your dog unattended for long periods.

Beware of dog thieves!

Plenty of ventilation - all windows left open by at least 4 inches/ 10 cm. (the width of your hand)

Leave the car roof open - hot air rises!

PARK IN THE SHADE - an absolute must. Temperatures can soar in minutes inside a vehicle - even with ventilation

Offer your dog water to drink at regular intervals

Check often

Take it in turns for somebody to stay with the dogs with the doors open if possible

The hottest time of the day is around 3pm in the UK.

A Final Word On Going On Holiday With Your Dog

Prepare everything in advance.

Take plenty of poo bags

Don't forget your dogs food, bowls, toys, leads, bedding, medication.

Above all Relax and Enjoy!

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