Tuesday, 1 December 2009

A Christmas Wish For Moses ~ from IFAW ~ An inspiring story

This is a truly inspirational story.
I received the following e-mail from Fred O'Regan, CEO International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW):

Orphaned as a small child in a poor South African township, 12-year old Moses lives alone at the local dump, surrounded by gangs and drug users.

Foraging through mounds of rubbish for food...shoeless and freezing during the cold, lonely nights - every day is an epic struggle.

And yet, the most amazing thing about Moses isn't how he survives, but who he survives with.

You see, despite his tragic circumstances, Moses spends his desperate days at the dump caring for more than 20 dogs whose owners have died or been killed.

This Christmas, I hope you'll consider giving something truly meaningful to those you love. An IFAW Gift of Life that will help bring an end to the suffering of dogs and cats in the poorest places on earth.

IFAW's Dog and Cat Rescue Project in Johannesburg brings vet care to the pets of those like Moses who could never afford to take care of pets on their own. Quite often, we come across sick, impoverished or malnourished individuals like Moses who need extra assistance for both themselves and their pets.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of IFAW supporters like you, we've been able to spay, neuter and fully vaccinate all of Moses' dogs. And we've provided Moses with clothes and food, medical care, and school tuition so that he'll be better able to look after his dogs for years to come!

Moses' story shows how much people love animals and come to depend on them even in the worst of times. And how much every Gift of Life, no matter how big or small, can help make a real difference.

Please help me make more Christmas wishes come true this season. With a gift of just £15 or more you'll receive a beautiful gift card and Gift of Life Certificate, showing how your gift in a loved one's name is saving the lives of animals.

This is not a gift that will simply be opened and then forgotten. The donation you make in your loved one's name will help more people like Moses who can't afford to provide basic care for their pets.

Thank you for your kindness this Christmas season.

With Gratitude,

Fred O'Regan

P.S. It takes £600 to provide veterinary care for 50 dogs and cats in South Africa...so every gift counts! Give before December 10th to ensure your gift package arrives in time for Christmas!

What an inspiring story. This Christmas please consider giving a Xmas Gift to an animal charity.

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