Friday, 4 December 2009

Give a dog a gift of love this Christmas

Please consider making a donation to a dog rescue (shelter) this Christmas.
It doesn't have to be a lot - even your spare change could make a difference.

You can donate goods as well. Things that a dog rescue can put to use or sell to raise cash.
Most rescues will have a list of things that they most need - just ask.

Food, dog coats, dog toys, bedding will always be welcome.

You can usually buy gifts or xmas cards for family and friends.
Many charities also have donation schemes like sponsor a dog, buy a vaccination, etc. The recipient will receive a certificate which describes the gift that you have bought. I quite often do this, especially if I am sending gifts overseas.

The larger charities such as RSPCA, Dogs Trust, PDSA , Blue Cross will have established gift schemes.
But don't forget your small local rescue - they can really struggle to survive, and if they have to close many of the dogs will have nowhere to go (and may have to be put down!).

There are specialist dog charities as well, such as Greyhounds In Need and the Retired Greyhounds Trust.
Greyhounds particularly need help - they finish racing at 4 years old , or sooner, and face a very uncertain future. Thousands of healthy greyhounds are destroyed every year.

If you want to support people as well as dogs, you can make your gift to Guide Dogs for the Blind, Hearing Dogs,etc.
One of my favourites is St. Mungo's. They are a charity for the homeless and will allow homeless people to bring their dogs with them. A dog is often a homeless person's only friend and companion. Winter on the streets is hard on both dogs and people.

That's just a few ideas to get you going. Go on - give a dog a gift of love this Christmas!

Just a final plea. Make a New Year Resolution to get involved. Contact a dog charity and ask what YOU can do to help. Get out there and make a difference to our doggy friends!


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