Sunday, 3 February 2008

'B' is for : Dog Books and Magazines

Hello again and thanks for calling!

I love books and collect dog books, especially ones on greyhounds (what a surprise!)

Anyway it doesn't hurt to have one or two books on dog ailments and training.

The dog press produce some good magazines which make easy reading and I always find something of interest.

Dog Magazines

Two newspapers : Our Dogs and Dog World contain show reports and breeders adverts

Monthly magazines : Your Dog, Dogs Monthly, Dogs Today, K9 (a lifestyle magazine)

Dog Books

Dog Health :
- Doglopedia : a complete guide to dog care J.M. Evans & Kay White
- The BVA Guide to Dog Care David Taylor B.V.M.S.,F.R.C.V.S.
- The Dog Owner's Veterinary Handbook John Bower & David Youngs

Dog Behaviour :
- The Dog's Mind Bruce Fogle
- Dog Behaviour Explained Peter Neville

I've got to finish for now but will return again tomorrow with more stuff on dog books.

Bye, Ti

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