Saturday, 16 February 2008

'N' is for Dog Names

Hi, just a short post on the subject of dog names.

When I worked in dog rescue, the biggest area of disagreement was the subject of dog names!

It's a very subjective area and everyone has their own ideas and likes and dislikes.

I always think it's a good idea to start by looking at a dog's physical characteristics. 'Spot' being an obvious example.

My local postmaster called his rather short-legged boxer 'Lofty' !

The other thing to do is to get to know your dog's personality. Something will stand out.

If you are stuck for names ,you will find it worthwhile to look at books of baby names. There are quite a few on the market.

To a dog, its name is a call sign.
If you decide to change your dog's name it will soon learn a new one. Try calling it to you by the new name and reward your dog with a nice treat. They soon learn!

I think that it is important to use your dogs's name for nice things.
Please don't call your dog by its name and then tell it off. Next time it will understandably think "last time you used that name I got told off. I'm not coming".

See you again soon, Ti

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