Monday, 4 February 2008

Dog Blog, Dog Tales, Dog Tails !!!

.... Dog sagas .... dog stories .... dog tales .... dog tails .... doggy tails

..... shaggy dog tails ...... shaggy dog stories ...... shaggy dog ......

..... Shaggy ....... Scooby-Doo ......... mmm! ...... Dog Days .....

..... dog daze ...... dog daydream ...... Hmmm ......

Oh, Hello! I'm sorry I didn't see you standing there. Welcome back and nice to see you again.

What's that all about? I was just playing with words .....

Well I don't want my dog blog to be just a collection of factual articles. It needs to be informative, but also have real dog stories, humour, sadness too. The occasional rant will be good (and like most of you, I've got plenty I want to say!)

I think I will add some quizzes and puzzles. Hey, that's my 'Q is for....' decided.

What I would like is for all you good people to post some comments. If you have a topic you would like me to write about or any questions , please say. Thanks.

Also if you see anything of interest on another blog please tell me and we can all share it.


Yesterday I started an article on books .
I will add a few more , but I have now created a resource blog which I can easily add too.
This means there will be a dog bibliography in one place, rather than scattered around.
I've added a link, which is called Dog Book Bibliography under the heading Resources at the side of the page.
I will add a few reviews as well.

'C is for...' Crufts.

Whatever your views on dog shows and 'canine beauty contests' and inbreeding, Crufts is a fantastic show to visit. I love going and usually go on Terrier & Hound day. Maybe I will buy a ticket for all 4 days, but one is exhausting enough.

It's an easy run down the motorway for us. Quite expensive to get in, and to have to pay another £8 for a parking ticket hurts.

The car parking people do a good job in dealing with so many cars. The signposting and routes to and from the NEC are well set out. Just a little patience is are going to be there all day so a few minutes is unimportant.

There are frequent and regular buses to take you from the car parking areas to the show. These are free. If it's a nice day it is a pleasant longish walk.

There are plenty of food outlets and there is some really nice food available which won't cost you an arm and a leg!

Go well armed with cash and plastic. There are lots of excellent trade stands.

My favourite at Crufts is the Discover Dogs area. You get a chance to meet dogs and owners of breeds that you rarely, if ever ,see in daily life.
If you are interested in a particular breed now is your chance to find out about it. Also talk to some of the competitors, but not when they are about to go into the ring!

There are plenty of dog rescue organisations there, so go and talk to them, and please consider taking on a rescue dog. There are thousands of unwanted dogs destroyed every year and rescues are overwhelmed with the scale of the problem.

In fact, be a big hit with me and take on a greyhound. They make good family pets. Thousands of greyhounds are destroyed at the age of 4 or less because they can't race anymore.

Crufts is at the NEC near Birmingham just off the M42.
It runs for four days from 6th to 9th March this year. That's from Thursday until Sunday.

- Day 1 is Toy & Utility Group
- Day 2 is Gundogs
- Day 3 is Working & Pastoral Group
- Day 4 is Terrier & Hound Group

The last day is when 'Best in Show' is judged. You need to get tickets to sit in the main arena.

Please do NOT take your dog with you. You can't take them in, and it does mean they will be shut in your vehicle all day. If it is sunny there isn't any shade.

For more info visit the Crufts website

Well see you again soon, Ti

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