Monday, 25 February 2008

Have Dog, Will Travel

Want to take your dog on holiday.....then read on....this is important.

Thinking of taking your dog abroad this year? Then you need to act now!

Unless you are only going to the Irish Republic, your dog will need a pet passport. This takes a long time to set up. In particular, the rabies jab and blood tests take the most time.

Your dog must have valid vaccinations,microchip, and paperwork. If not, then quarantine is compulsory.

Read my earlier post on pet passports. Check out the Defra website for the latest information and regulations. Make an appointment with your vet. Do it today.

Holiday in the UK?

It's now easier to find places to stay that are pet friendly, in particular that are dog friendly!

We stay at decent hotels as well as nice bed & breakfasts with our two greyhounds. No problems.

No longer do we hear " just one small quiet bitch is allowed" from supposedly dog friendly accomodation.

There are some very useful accomodation guides available.

Three I use are:
(1) Dog Friendly Pubs,Hotels and B&Bs published by Ebury Press
(2) Pets Welcome! published by FHG Guides
(3) Bed & Breakfast Nationwide - The Little Green Book
The last one we picked up at a B&B we stayed at. Not a specifically dog friendly publication, but lots in the book are, and they are good quality accomodation.

Hotel groups may state 'no dogs' in their brochures. (Check out the small print). But it's always worth asking a specific hotel in a group. You find that it is sometimes the decision of the manager rather than group policy that matters.

There are also some places that are totally dog friendly...having a dog with you is almost compulsory!

But start booking now to avoid disappointment.

Having to leave your dog in kennels?

Check vaccination requirements with your kennels.

They will need a current vaccination and may also need to be vaccinated against kennel cough. No proof of current vaccination, no kennels I'm afraid.

When choosing a kennels ask other people about their experience. Also ask the kennel owner if you can have a look around. If you aren't allowed a good look then go elsewhere. A good kennels doesn't have anything to hide.

Please book kennel accomodation for your dog early. It soon disappears.

When I worked in rescue,I was amazed at the number of dog owners who book their holiday well in advance, but leave their dog's needs until the last minute, only to find that there was nothing available.
Sadly some owners abandoned their dogs while they went on holiday. I still can't get my head around that.

So when planning your holiday think dog! Give yourself plenty of time to get everything sorted.
Do it now, today ,at once, immediately, tout de suite. Please!

End of lecture!

Cheers, Ti

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