Thursday, 7 February 2008

Tales of Rescue Dogs

Douglas was an amiable lunatic ! He was also very strong.

He was a large black & white cross-breed with a wiry coat. His size and the shape of his head suggested that he was part otter-hound.

The behaviour problems he had weren' t too much of a problem. They were following a similar pattern to other unusual cross-breeds we had coming into rescue. Guess what ,they were all coming from the same area, which was close to an appalling puppy farm. I can't go into details.

Douglas had a treatable ear problem. Every time I took him to medicate his ears he had the trick of springing straight up onto the counter where the medication was !

His other favourite trick was to do a full backward somersault, which was quite spectacular.

He also liked to put his front paws on your shoulders , touch noses with you, and look long & deep into your eyes. He loved people.

We re-homed him with a vet who was on temporary assignment in our area, and he is now living happily in Scotland.

Another dog I have fond memories of is Rafe. He is a large lurcher, who is now happily living on a lot of acres somewhere in the East Midlands.

When you opened up the kennels in the morning, his favourite trick was to head butt you, and while you gasped he would thrust his nose into your mouth. Quite disgusting!
If he didn't manage it the first time he would do it again.

I'll add a few more rescue tales now and again. Ti.

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