Wednesday, 6 February 2008

'M' is for Dog Medication

Hello, just a few comments on dog medicines.

They can be bought over-the-counter, or they may be prescription drugs, which your vet usually provides.

You can ask for a written prescription and buy them elsewhere. This can save you a lot of money, especially if you buy your on-line.

Try this link to see what sort of dog medication is available and at what price. You will also see what you can buy without a prescription.

Prescription drugs are marked with the letters POM in a little box. (That stands for 'prescription only medicine')

When your dog has to have medication (this includes wormers and flea treatments) please take time to carefully read the information leaflet. After all it is your dog's health which is at stake!

The leaflet has important information on it :-

- dosage
- how to administer
- how often
- what to do if you miss a dosage
- what to do if you over-dose your dog
- side affects and what to do
- ingredients (important- your dog may be allergic)
- contra-indications : when you should not give your dog the medication

If your dog's medication was prescribed by your vet, then there will a label with dosage instructions on it. It is obviously important to do as the label says!
Don't be afraid to ask your vet questions.

Even if your dog seems better, please finish the course of medication as instructed, especially if it's anti-biotics.

With some drugs it may be necessary for you to wear gloves. Drugs can be absorbed through the skin of our hands - liquids more easily than solid ones of course.
If your dog is on chemo-therapy it is vital to observe safety precautions. These drugs are highly toxic.

One last thing. Make sure your dog's medication is stored safely out of reach of your dogs and of any children.

End of lecture!!!

Finally, good luck to you and your dogs if they are ill. Speedy recovery.

Cheers, Ti

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