Sunday, 3 February 2008

Product Review - Cortaflex

Yesterday I wrote about arthritis and mentioned joint lubricants such as Cortaflex.

So I've decided to add a short review.

Cortaflex is made for dogs (canine cortaflex), cats (feline cortaflex), horses (equine cortaflex), and people!

It contains glucosamine sulphate, chondroitin, and MSM.

These 3 compounds mixed together in the optimum way have a positive effect on arthritic joints.
They not only lubricate the joint, but can help in rebuilding damaged cartilage (the stuff in our joints which give them smooth movement).

Cortaflex has this optimum mix.

I used canine cortaflex on many arthritic dogs in rescue.(Probably over 100 dogs). They all showed improvement.

I also use it on my own dogs.

Cortaflex is not cheap and animal charities wouldn't spend money on a product which doesn't work. Neither would I!

All the vets I have dealt with have rated Cortaflex in the good management of arthritis.

People who I know that use the human form of Cortaflex have reported positive results.

Costs : it comes in two sizes . The smaller one (236 ml) is about £25 and the large (946 ml) is about £70 - £75.

Buying the large size does give a significant saving. Also on the internet you pay about £55 -£60.

It lasts a long time. The dosage is very small. For a 30Kg dog (my female greyhound) a big bottle lasts about 4 to 5 months. Dosage is by weight, so for a small dog your money will go a long way.

For the first week you have to give a double dose to load the system.

On a personal note, I used Cortaflex for 2 years on my lass before things got bad. That was costing me just £10 - £12 a month. Now I am spending £45 a month on prescription drugs.

I am still giving her Cortaflex as it is safe to do so. (But always tell your vet).

I hope that you found this useful.

For those of you who have a dog which suffers from arthritis may I say that you have my support and sympathy. I know just how it feels to have a much-loved dog who is pain.

For more information on canine cortaflex click below :

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