Wednesday, 27 February 2008

My Dogs Slept Through The Earthquake

Hi, quite an earth tremor last night wasn't it!
We live in the East Midlands and it was quite strong. The house and contents had a good rattle at about 1am.
I went down to check on the dogs and they were fast asleep! So much for animals sensing earthquakes - at least as far as my two are concerned. Mind you, greyhounds can be pretty laid back.

Dogs do seem to have a 'sixth sense'. Have a look at these examples.

- My parents GSD always knew when I was paying a surprise visit. He would get up and look out of the window half-an-hour before I arrived, and would refuse to move away from his lookout.

- When a fox visits our garden in the early hours the dogs always know.

- There are dogs who have saved their owners lives by sniffing out cancers in the early stages of development. The dog persists in sniffing at the same place.

- A poodle who was trained as a hearing dog saved its new owner's life by waking her when a fire had just started in the house.

I'm sure that many of you will have examples of dogs sixth sense. Why not share them with us.
Dogs never cease to surprise and delight me. They really are mans best friend.

Cheers, Ti

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