Friday, 22 February 2008

A few thoughts on Dog Collectibles

I've just seen the Royal Mail special stamps with a working dog theme. They are to celebrate Year of the Assistance Dog, which is this year.
The dogs have been photographed by Tim Flach, the man behind the Andrex puppy adverts.
As you can imagine the quality of the stamps is outstanding.
So a very nice set for you stamp collectors out there.

Stamps not your thing?

There's lots of things with a dog theme that you can collect.

Postcards, cigarette cards, old dog books, dog bronzes, pottery, figurines, old dog prints, original art (old or new), jewellery, ephemera. And probably others!

I think there are a few basic rules for a collection.

- have a coherent collection of a specific dog breed, or just collect postcards, for example,of any dog related subject.
- buy the best you can afford
- condition is everything
- talk to other collectors and specialist dealers. They have knowledge and enthusiasm for their subject.
- try not to get carried away!
- stick to your budget, especially if bidding at auction.

As I said, just a few thoughts. Speak to you all again soon. Ti

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